Tuesday, September 17, 2013

More tracks by Deborah Eckman

More tracks by Deborah Eckman available to buy/download!
Anyone wishing to purchase some of Deborah Eckman's music online can now find more tracks on her Bandcamp page -

On this page you will find her official single Dust , released on 14th February 2013, which is based on Shri Mataji's poem Dust Particle written when She was just seven years old. The track is also still available to buy through ITunes, Amazon and all major online stores, but only as a digital download. But now, you can also now download two more songs -

"I Belong to the World" and "The Time is Now"
Both of these songs have been featured on Sahaja Yoga Radio for a few years, but are finally just a click away to download as a digital track! Anyone interested in purchasing her Sahaja Awakening (Mantra) CD (as heard on Sahaja Yoga Radio) please contact her via her Bandcamp page for more info.
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