Saturday, November 29, 2014

New album of Vilamba coming next year!

Dear friend of Vilamba, 
the new album will be ready by Easter 2015
There are 11 tracks, 4 of them are traditional Scottish tunes, 7 are new songs
Although the musicians have generously offered their services for next to nothing we still have some expenses to cover before we can actually produce the physical cd. That’s why we’re doing an indiegogo campaign to try and reach $1500. That’s  half what we need but it’s just about enough to get the cd published. 

Here’s how you can help:
Apart from pre ordering the physical cd we’ve also made a little Christmas download ep (4 songs)  -  re recorded versions of ‘Will you come to Cabella’ and ‘Mary Shri Mataji’ as well as a Scottish tune and one song from the new album.
 On top of that there is the ‘Send a friend’ option where you can send an album of specially selected mp3s to a friend, divided into 4 genres (see perks)
It can be as a Christmas present or whenever you like. All you have to do is choose which genre to send your friend,  tell us their e mail and we’ll do the rest.
*Update, we have been requested to also make the new album downloadable, this perk has now been added
For anyone who has more traditional friends we can also mail a physical copy of one or more of the first three albums - Will you come to Cabella - Vilamba 2 andLeap Year
The price per perk is a suggestion, if you want to give more that would be wonderful
We believe our music has a joyful and positive spiritual message and will encourage people to look for something deeper as they journey through life.
Please share this campaign with your friends.
Thank you for your support