Saturday, November 29, 2014

New album of Vilamba coming next year!

Dear friend of Vilamba, 
the new album will be ready by Easter 2015
There are 11 tracks, 4 of them are traditional Scottish tunes, 7 are new songs
Although the musicians have generously offered their services for next to nothing we still have some expenses to cover before we can actually produce the physical cd. That’s why we’re doing an indiegogo campaign to try and reach $1500. That’s  half what we need but it’s just about enough to get the cd published. 

Here’s how you can help:
Apart from pre ordering the physical cd we’ve also made a little Christmas download ep (4 songs)  -  re recorded versions of ‘Will you come to Cabella’ and ‘Mary Shri Mataji’ as well as a Scottish tune and one song from the new album.
 On top of that there is the ‘Send a friend’ option where you can send an album of specially selected mp3s to a friend, divided into 4 genres (see perks)
It can be as a Christmas present or whenever you like. All you have to do is choose which genre to send your friend,  tell us their e mail and we’ll do the rest.
*Update, we have been requested to also make the new album downloadable, this perk has now been added
For anyone who has more traditional friends we can also mail a physical copy of one or more of the first three albums - Will you come to Cabella - Vilamba 2 andLeap Year
The price per perk is a suggestion, if you want to give more that would be wonderful
We believe our music has a joyful and positive spiritual message and will encourage people to look for something deeper as they journey through life.
Please share this campaign with your friends.
Thank you for your support


Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Noor - For Shiva

Dear friends, 
the Czech band Noor would like to offer you a CD that was created as a result of our mutual cooperation throughout other bands where Honza, Ondra, Lenka and Tom met. We had played together on stage for years and wanted to try another „cup of tea“ music, that Honza and Lenka actually intensely studied from gurus in India, Tom and Ondra through workshops here in Europe. We tried an experiment, like many other musicians, to mix Indian classical music with the guitar and give the compositions our own feeling,  approach. We also chose for this CD all variety of compositions, such as classical raaga, bhajan, mantra and wanted it to be multi-religious – so you can find there a buddhistic main mantra, Hindu ancient mantra, sufi poetry raaga, Hindu raaga, Kabir bhajan, Christian topic by W. Blake and so on. Yet, the majority of poems is devoted to the Hindu God Shiva, so we called it „For Shiva“. We hope you will enjoy the music and the energy coming out of it which we always felt performing these unique compositions.

Noor - Lenka

Contact for sale: [email protected]
Price 10EUR/pc + postage, payment via Paypal 

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

New albums

Dear all,
we are pleased to inform you that we have added to the broadcast four new albums. 
The first one is album of Australian group Jhoom -  Quawallis live. Second one is first album of Nirmal Bhakti Pure Devotion,  third CD is their new and hot album Destination  and the last one is very mood CD of  Daniele Ferrari - L´Avventura dello Spirito .......

Please continue to enjoy the radio!  Vote!  Send us infos about your new recording!
Radio team

Friday, May 16, 2014

TEV Orchestra Project


The idea of having an established symphony orchestra in Cabella, composed of yogis, has been in our heart since 1999, when we produced the beautiful performance “The magic Flute” in Sahasrara Puja. The Yogis who were able to sing and play in classical style that great and enlightened opera with such great competence but, more important, with great love and vibrations, has now blossomed as a strong conviction to continue that experience.
TEV has worked with other important orchestras in these last 3 years during the “Culture of the Spirit Festival” and collaborated with important conductors such as Lorenzo Tazzieri and finally, after all these collaborative works, TEV has also produced the recent CD “THE LOVE THAT MOVE THE STARS ABOVE”. As a result of this, now all TEV members fell the need and the motivation to establish the “ TEV SYMPHONY ORCHESTRA”.
The first activities of the orchestra for 2014 will be to establish the new born “musicians community" as a family, with love and dedication to reach those goals that are crucial for TEV: spreading Sahaja Yoga and Our Beloved Mother's love and teachings through Art that Enlightens.
At least 10-15 musicians have already agreed and decided to take part in this project and we are sure that many other brothers and sisters will want to be part of the group. Not only musicians, but also conductors, composers and all those who can work in the communication, advertising and creation of events in the whole world are very welcome.
We would like to start our activities with these firsts goals:
  1. Concerts and Seminars, during the Nirmal Arts Academy and The Festival Culture of The Spirit
  2. Concerts in the Val BORBERA territory.
  3. Recording for a new CD with Classical and Original Music composed by
We hope that this new sahaj musical experience may bring a new wind of beauty and love in Cabella Life and may help all sahaj artists to be inspired by our Beloved Mother’s experience. 
All musicians that want to be part of and enjoy the Orchestra Project, are invited to send their CV to: [email protected]
with Love and respect,
Carlo Gizzi
The TEV team

Thursday, May 1, 2014

Radio renewed for another year

Thank you all for the donations towards radio renewal.

We are happy to let you know that we were able to purchase another yearly membership with

Saturday, April 19, 2014

New albums

Dear all,
we are pleased to inform you that we have added to the broadcast two new albums. The first one is very fine album of Rachelle Jeanty - The First Noel. Second one is hot new - Open The Gate of the band Casabella and others albums coming soon !.......

Please, don´t forget to vote!

Here is a list of  your favourite songs on the Sahaja radio! Do you want to change it? Vote!!!

Song                                          Album                                     Interpret                            Vote
1.Journey                                   Eternal Roots                       Various Yogis                        9,1
2.Siyhamba                                MOJ vol.3                              Music of Joy                        8,9
3.Ali Maula                                Bhakans and Quawalli        Nirmaal Naad                        8,9
4.The Butterfly                           Living Water                       The Heavenly River            8,8
5.Maauli Ne Thot                      Bandagi                                 Nirmal Sangeet Sarita         8,7
6.Dam Mast kalandar                Janani 11                               Anandita Basu                    8,6
7.Jai GaneshGan Nath              Nirmal Vandan                      Deepa Verma                        8,6
8.Durga Adi Shakti                   MOJ vol.3                             Music of Joy                        8,6
9.Namostute                             No Title                                  Sia Reddy                              8,6
10.Vishva Vandita                    Living Water                        The Heavenly River             8,5

Dear bands and musicians,

on this blog we woud like to more closely introduce your CDs which are played on your favourite radio. Most of you have been given the gift of creation and blessing by Shri Saraswati. Music is the communication which does not need words. Through music it is possible to feel the Divine vibrations and also express love, feelings and joy. We would welcome short interviews which we would like to make with you – if you agree of course – and that way to provide deeper view into your creation. It is really interesting to know more about the album which you are hearing on the radio, to know more about your feelings while compounding, how you have been given ideas, what music means for you and how your music is accepted. We currently see you on concerts and during pujas and enjoy with you… If you would like to help create a very interesting blog, where each single yogi can find what attracts him or her, what interesting he or she looks for in music, in your creation – let´s make it with us … We would be grateful to public your opinions on records, music and concerts…

Please continue to enjoy the radio!  Sahaja Yoga Radio Team

[email protected]