Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Noor - For Shiva

Dear friends, 
the Czech band Noor would like to offer you a CD that was created as a result of our mutual cooperation throughout other bands where Honza, Ondra, Lenka and Tom met. We had played together on stage for years and wanted to try another „cup of tea“ music, that Honza and Lenka actually intensely studied from gurus in India, Tom and Ondra through workshops here in Europe. We tried an experiment, like many other musicians, to mix Indian classical music with the guitar and give the compositions our own feeling,  approach. We also chose for this CD all variety of compositions, such as classical raaga, bhajan, mantra and wanted it to be multi-religious – so you can find there a buddhistic main mantra, Hindu ancient mantra, sufi poetry raaga, Hindu raaga, Kabir bhajan, Christian topic by W. Blake and so on. Yet, the majority of poems is devoted to the Hindu God Shiva, so we called it „For Shiva“. We hope you will enjoy the music and the energy coming out of it which we always felt performing these unique compositions.

Noor - Lenka

Contact for sale: [email protected]
Price 10EUR/pc + postage, payment via Paypal