Friday, March 10, 2017

News on the Sahaja Yoga Radio

Dear yogis.

After a long break, we are coming back with your favorite Sahaja Radio and we are here again. After leaving station Live365 we are getting back to the transmission with our continuous broadcasting and we are also renewing our blog websites.

We are preparing other interviews with musicians which we will address in connection with the publishing of their new CDs, or we will simply ask what is new in their musical kitchen. We will also remind albums we have been writing about many years ago and which we will be recorded again to the box of our new radio - there are already more than 90 complete albums recorded and we are not finished yet.

The news will be called „album of the month“ which has gained our favor and which can get back to your attention - you can play it home on your music player if you have it in your collection - or you can hear it in our continuous broadcasting. 

The album of March is called Zephyr and it has been published more than 15 years ago.

You can find the interview with its author Elizabeth Henshaw in our archive, please see the links below:

How are the Sahaja vibrations of the music spread through transmission and where else are you listening? Please see a few statistics for February 2017:

How to tune to Sahaja radio on your PC or device and listen continuously 24 hours a day?

Enjoy together with us while listening Sahaja music!!!
Radio team

Sunday, January 29, 2017

Donation for sahajayoga radio

Jai Shri Mataji


last year, the radio was listened in 118 countries for over 20 000 hours. 

27 000 times the radio was started in some corner of the world. See more details attached.

As you know, Sahaja Yoga Radio is an international project paid by individual donations. The cost for a year is $240.

We did collect some donations (Thank you to Michael, Herbert, Petr), but from the beginning of last year we are in red:

Cost of the radio: $240
Donation received: $184
Difference: -$56

If you enjoy the radio and want to keep it going, please make a donation here:

We need to collect some donations by February 7, otherwise, we'll probably stop the broadcast.

Thank you
Sahaja yoga radio team

Tuesday, June 28, 2016

New album of "One Tree" - support

Dear Yogis,

Many of you may remember the Austrian sahaj band "Wienananda". The band has transformed itself into ONE TREE which creates and perfoms melodious songs of all spiritual traditions in oder to show the unity and beauty of all of them, just as our Mother told us that they are "all branches on the same tree of Spirituality".

The music of ONE TREE is so special, that even without knowing the texts you would sing to it!
It can be perfectly used for all sahaj public projects/programms, because it is shows both the diversity and oneness, the songs reach out to people of all religions. It is a true treasure of Sahaj Music!
The ONE TREE Band has released their first album "The Golden String" some time back and now they are working on the second one.

Please support the release of the new "The Inner Kingdom" CD of this amazing yogi-band and help to spread the vibrations of joy!

Here is the link to the Crowdfunding champagne and some beautiful ONE TREE songs:

Thursday, May 26, 2016

Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Tanya and Paulo's Debut Album, The Seed - Donation

Dearest Sahaj Family,

It is with great pleasure, anticipation and excitement that we invite you to join our crowdfunding campaign to raise funds for our upcoming album The Seed. We have been working together only a few months, but the creative productivity has been immense! We have composed many songs and we can't wait to share them with the world! 
YOU are an essential part of this project.
Please visit our campaign at Indiegogo and make a donation in exchange for one of our perks.
We depend on you to record and materialise these songs in a album so we appreciate your contribution immensely.

Who we are:

Tanya Wells' musical inspirations cover diverse genres from folk/ blues/ jazz to Indian classical music and Sufiana Qalam. Naturally, these influences dictate her eclectic singing style and songwriting. Living in London she has worked with the likes of composer Nitin Sawhney, sitarist Anoushka Shankar, vocalists Natacha Atlas and Joss Stone. 

Her YouTube videos and audio recordings of her singing Pakistani songs has gained immense popularity on the internet and fans around the globe! She performs Indian music as well as her original songs live in London and elsewhere around the world. 'The Seed' album with Paulo Vinícius will be her first public debut of original music.

Paulo Vinícius, originally from Brazil, has studied with the greatest virtuoso guitarists in the classical scene such as Fábio Zanon, Pablo Márquez and Franz Halász and has won several awards for his composition and classical guitar performances including the "Revelation Award" and "Raphael Rabello Award". Upon his arrival in Europe, he was selected to be part of the “Live Music Now” in Munich, founded by the legendary violinist Yehudi Menuhin where over the last four years he was regularly invited to play concerts in Bayern. A researcher of musical performance, Paulo explores innovative approaches for performers' technique and on-stage awareness referring to hindu yogic philosophy and practices.  

As well as playing and composing for this project with Tanya, he is also currently working towards recording an album of solo guitar works which include his own compositions.

Coming together to record their first studio album together in Brazil in February 2016, Tanya and Paulo have written and composed an album's worth of new material and plan to record them in a studio aided by other fantastic Brazilian musicians in Minas Gerais. Their songs have recently been received enthusiastically by audiences in Europe and the duo are excited about sharing these new songs with wider audiences.


Friday, February 27, 2015

New albums on radio

Dear all,
we are pleased to inform you that we have added to the broadcast two new albums. The first one is the last album of the Czech band Vítr do dlaně - Ekadéša. Second one is  - Acatao of the polish musician Michal Czachowski (Indialucia) and others albums coming soon!

                            Ekadesha´s price: 10 EUR (including postage)

Dear bands and musicians,

on this blog we woud like to more closely introduce your CDs which are played on your favourite radio. Most of you have been given the gift of creation and blessing by Shri Saraswati. Music is the communication which does not need words. Through music it is possible to feel the Divine vibrations and also express love, feelings and joy. We would welcome short interviews which we would like to make with you – if you agree of course – and that way to provide deeper view into your creation. It is really interesting to know more about the album which you are hearing on the radio, to know more about your feelings while compounding, how you have been given ideas, what music means for you and how your music is accepted. We currently see you on concerts and during pujas and enjoy with you… If you would like to help create a very interesting blog, where each single yogi can find what attracts him or her, what interesting he or she looks for in music, in your creation – let´s make it with us … We would be grateful to public your opinions on records, music and concerts…

Please continue to enjoy the radio!  
Sahaja Yoga Radio Team

Saturday, November 29, 2014

New album of Vilamba coming next year!

Dear friend of Vilamba, 
the new album will be ready by Easter 2015
There are 11 tracks, 4 of them are traditional Scottish tunes, 7 are new songs
Although the musicians have generously offered their services for next to nothing we still have some expenses to cover before we can actually produce the physical cd. That’s why we’re doing an indiegogo campaign to try and reach $1500. That’s  half what we need but it’s just about enough to get the cd published. 

Here’s how you can help:
Apart from pre ordering the physical cd we’ve also made a little Christmas download ep (4 songs)  -  re recorded versions of ‘Will you come to Cabella’ and ‘Mary Shri Mataji’ as well as a Scottish tune and one song from the new album.
 On top of that there is the ‘Send a friend’ option where you can send an album of specially selected mp3s to a friend, divided into 4 genres (see perks)
It can be as a Christmas present or whenever you like. All you have to do is choose which genre to send your friend,  tell us their e mail and we’ll do the rest.
*Update, we have been requested to also make the new album downloadable, this perk has now been added
For anyone who has more traditional friends we can also mail a physical copy of one or more of the first three albums - Will you come to Cabella - Vilamba 2 andLeap Year
The price per perk is a suggestion, if you want to give more that would be wonderful
We believe our music has a joyful and positive spiritual message and will encourage people to look for something deeper as they journey through life.
Please share this campaign with your friends.
Thank you for your support