Friday, February 27, 2015

New albums on radio

Dear all,
we are pleased to inform you that we have added to the broadcast two new albums. The first one is the last album of the Czech band Vítr do dlaně - Ekadéša. Second one is  - Acatao of the polish musician Michal Czachowski (Indialucia) and others albums coming soon!

                            Ekadesha´s price: 10 EUR (including postage)

Dear bands and musicians,

on this blog we woud like to more closely introduce your CDs which are played on your favourite radio. Most of you have been given the gift of creation and blessing by Shri Saraswati. Music is the communication which does not need words. Through music it is possible to feel the Divine vibrations and also express love, feelings and joy. We would welcome short interviews which we would like to make with you – if you agree of course – and that way to provide deeper view into your creation. It is really interesting to know more about the album which you are hearing on the radio, to know more about your feelings while compounding, how you have been given ideas, what music means for you and how your music is accepted. We currently see you on concerts and during pujas and enjoy with you… If you would like to help create a very interesting blog, where each single yogi can find what attracts him or her, what interesting he or she looks for in music, in your creation – let´s make it with us … We would be grateful to public your opinions on records, music and concerts…

Please continue to enjoy the radio!  
Sahaja Yoga Radio Team

[email protected]