Thursday, April 20, 2017

Universal Silence - still alive album

It is unbelievable but next year it will be already 20 years since this recording has appeared on the Sahaj music scene. Later when I bought it - recorded on cassette in that time - I was very surprised.

Yes, it was just this album - Vishwa Shanti - Universal Silence, which highly attracted me and I liked it very much. In that time, I did not understand Indian music at all, but this combination of western and Indian music was acceptable for me. Many of you remember the time when music was forwarded on cassettes only and so this tape was played in my player still around and around. 

Still today - after so many years it sounds still so fresh and nicely. Is it because we can hear the enthusiasm of common play from the musicians of different cultures and nations in a combination of western and eastern music? 

Certainly yes, it is Sahaj - it is spontaneous.....

If you still have this cassette at home, try to find a while for nostalgia and insert it into your cassette player - if you still have it (I do!) and with your eyes closed transfer yourself back to 1998!

Believe - there is still something to listen!

Our statistics for March

Friday, March 10, 2017

News on the Sahaja Yoga Radio

Dear yogis.

After a long break, we are coming back with your favorite Sahaja Radio and we are here again. After leaving station Live365 we are getting back to the transmission with our continuous broadcasting and we are also renewing our blog websites.

We are preparing other interviews with musicians which we will address in connection with the publishing of their new CDs, or we will simply ask what is new in their musical kitchen. We will also remind albums we have been writing about many years ago and which we will be recorded again to the box of our new radio - there are already more than 90 complete albums recorded and we are not finished yet.

The news will be called „album of the month“ which has gained our favor and which can get back to your attention - you can play it home on your music player if you have it in your collection - or you can hear it in our continuous broadcasting. 

The album of March is called Zephyr and it has been published more than 15 years ago.

You can find the interview with its author Elizabeth Henshaw in our archive, please see the links below:

How are the Sahaja vibrations of the music spread through transmission and where else are you listening? Please see a few statistics for February 2017:

How to tune to Sahaja radio on your PC or device and listen continuously 24 hours a day?

Enjoy together with us while listening Sahaja music!!!
Radio team

Sunday, January 29, 2017

Donation for sahajayoga radio

Jai Shri Mataji


last year, the radio was listened in 118 countries for over 20 000 hours. 

27 000 times the radio was started in some corner of the world. See more details attached.

As you know, Sahaja Yoga Radio is an international project paid by individual donations. The cost for a year is $240.

We did collect some donations (Thank you to Michael, Herbert, Petr), but from the beginning of last year we are in red:

Cost of the radio: $240
Donation received: $184
Difference: -$56

If you enjoy the radio and want to keep it going, please make a donation here:

We need to collect some donations by February 7, otherwise, we'll probably stop the broadcast.

Thank you
Sahaja yoga radio team