Monday, April 27, 2009

Awakenings - new album of qawwali music

Dear all,
this month we added a new album on the radio – double album „Awakenings“ – Qawwali Voices of America. Album was recorded by Matt Malley and Nitin Haldankar at the Los Angeles Ashram recording studio and info about this nice album you can find on:

What says Matt Malley about recording?

Recording happened here at the LA Ashram studio over a 3 day period in ‚08. It was blissful. We would record a Qawwali song, then go down to the main house for the spiciest curry lunches in the world made by our sisters and wives. My mouth was on fire and it was all part of the experience of music and food. Singing in the dining room, eating, laughing. Then back to the studio to record another one. It´ s the way music should be made – light, happy and blissful.

We recorded everything live and the only overdubs were my (amateur) harmonium. Right at the end of our 3 day recording session, there was a ring around the moon and we all felt that it was an auspicious sign. One member of the band took a photo and we included it in the artwork on the inside of the cd jacket – it doesn't look like the moon but it is.After the printing costs of the CD are made back, we are giving 100% of the proceeds to the Canahojarie Expansion Project, for the Canahojarie school in New York.

The members are:
Nitin Haldankar – lead vocals
Matt Malley – harmonium and chorus vocals
Satish Mopur, Ravindra Kulkarni and Viraj Talpade – chorus vocals
Debasish Chaudhuri – Tabla

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