Thursday, April 20, 2017

Universal Silence - still alive album

It is unbelievable but next year it will be already 20 years since this recording has appeared on the Sahaj music scene. Later when I bought it - recorded on cassette in that time - I was very surprised.

Yes, it was just this album - Vishwa Shanti - Universal Silence, which highly attracted me and I liked it very much. In that time, I did not understand Indian music at all, but this combination of western and Indian music was acceptable for me. Many of you remember the time when music was forwarded on cassettes only and so this tape was played in my player still around and around. 

Still today - after so many years it sounds still so fresh and nicely. Is it because we can hear the enthusiasm of common play from the musicians of different cultures and nations in a combination of western and eastern music? 

Certainly yes, it is Sahaj - it is spontaneous.....

If you still have this cassette at home, try to find a while for nostalgia and insert it into your cassette player - if you still have it (I do!) and with your eyes closed transfer yourself back to 1998!

Believe - there is still something to listen!

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