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Daniele Ferrari - Nell´immenso Immenso and Colours of inspiration

The guitar – it is the instrument which makes listeners´ hearts vibrate. The guitar can be loud in rock music, quiet in folk music, rhytmic in latin music or challenging in flamengo. But on this radio we woul also like to introduce another kind of guitar. It is the classic guitar that plays music of old masters. The interpretion is different, it is mild and chamber maybe because the reason it is being played for. Daniele Ferrari, an Italian Sahaja yogi is one of this guitar players. We would like to introduce his two very nice CDs – Colours of inspiration and Nell´immenso Immenso.

Daniele, could you tell us something about yourself?

I live near Milan, in the north of Italy, 150 km. far away from Cabella. I’m very lucky to live not so far from this very important place for the spirituality of human beings. As for me, Cabella represents also a big source of inspiration. I think music is my main commitment, even if I have a different job.

How did you get to the classic guitar? Is it difficult to master this instrument?

Music is a passion deeply rooted inside me. It was like this also many years ago when I used to play rock, very hard rock. As time went by, I started to broaden my musical knowledge. For this reason I began to listen different kinds of music like jazz, classical music, world music and fusion. Obviously I changed gradually the way I play and “make music”. I had experiences with electric guitar, with acoustic up to the classical one. As a matter of fact, at present I’m able to play all these types of guitars (as heard in “Colours of inspiration”) but I play them in a different way from the past time. I’ve always been a self-taught person, also when I started playing the classical guitar. Big masters of the classical, flamenco and brazilian guitar are my “guiding lights”. Difficulties in learning the technique of the classical guitar are similar to those of many other instruments. Everything depends from the aims to achieve and from the time devoted to the instrument.

What can you remeber about your coming in Sahaja yoga?

I had my first experience in Sahaja yoga in 2001 at the end of a spiritual seeking, which had started many years ago. Sahaja yoga has transformed my life, the knowledge of myself and also the way of playing guitar! Since I practise Sahaja Yoga, there has been a very positive reflection on my creativity, both in quality and quantity. I don’t have enough time to improve all the "newly born” tracks. I refine only some (perhaps the best ones!!)

Your CDs were in Cabella. There are most your songs on the older album but also a nice version of "Vishva Vandita" or "Mataji Mataji". How did you get the ispiration for musicalizing these two pieces?

“Vishwa Vandita” has a very intimate and profound melody. It’s one of the most beautiful bhajan at all. I often played an instrumental version of it during Pujas or public programmes. One day someone told me:” You should record it. It would be enough to make a good cd”. I took the advice, adding many others of my pièces. Regarding “Mataji Mataji”, I thought it could be the best conclusion for the cd. This represents my greeting, my thanks to Shri Mataji, who accompanied and inspired all my work.

Is it dificult to make music for classic guitar? Where do you find ideas and what motivates you?

As I told before, I think learning an instrument is like a long path to pass through to get the technique and the musical expressiveness. As for me, it’s a long path with no end: it’s always possible to learn new and exciting things. I never forced myself to create something new. It’s of no use! The creativity starts spontaneously. For example, sometimes I begin with an improvised arpeggio and at a certain point this one “sounds good”. From this point starts my seeking: I feel this is the sign for the birth of something new and more complex.

This new composition could grow a lot in a day, but then it could be ended in one year or two. I never compose chronologically, one pièce after another, but I create groups of tracks which grow in parallel, altogether. I don’t have any good reason that pushes me to create. It’ s rather a need that I had always had: to express myself through the music. The inspiration becomes easier if it comes from Mother Nature with her beauty and her infinite aspects.

The record Colours of ispiration is different from the previous one. You are surrounded by other musicians and other instruments. What was it like to make this album together?

I take this opportunity to thank them all, because it’s thank to them that this work has become more “colourful” and dynamic. Everyone has had the total freedom on how to perform and integrate the various tracks. It was funny to compare each other and to realize how the music can mix and mingle everything and everyone. All these musicians had an experience in Sahaja Yoga, so the mutual understanding was simple and amusing.

I was attracted by titles "Meditation" and "Kundalini Movement". Can you describe them more?

The track “Meditation” has an andamento lento like the thoughts which slow down before entering in a meditative state. On the contrary “Kundalini movement” was born thank an improvisation made together with Tiziana, who was playing the armonium during a Kundalini Puja. The track has been transformed along the time until I reached the final version, recorded in the CD.

Your music is suitable for evening meditation or just for time of relax with a candle. It has got the power to bring listeners to the state of relaxing. What is the meaning of this kind of music for you and what would you like to say to listeners with your music?

The meaning of my music is only one: to communicate the joy, love, depth and the dignity of the Spirit. This is what I feel during the inspiration, creation and performance of the various pièces. I thank Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi again and again for the inspiration, the joy and the support She gives me in making music……and not only for this!

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Both Cd´s you can buy in Cabella on Adi Shakti puja...

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