Friday, September 11, 2009

New CD on radio

Jai Shri Mataji !

Dear listeners of the sahaja radio, after our shorter holiday break we are back with new CDs which you can listen to on our radio. We will again bring irregularly new CDs of sahaja artists in the order how we will get them. We will have a look back to the records which were released many years ago, for example the first one we are offering you are Eternal Roots. The album was a result of creativity and spontaneity of the students of the Musical Academy of P.K.Salve. After all those years it is interesting to read the review on this album which was then published on the Internet and some of you, who haven´t listened to it, will have the opportunity to listen to some songs in our broadcasting.

Next we added two beautiful CDs of the Lithuanian group Shanti - more than fifteen famous bhajans and quawali will be certainly
pleasure for you.

We are preparing other albums too, so stay with us and listen to us!!!

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