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Wienananda - Pure Joy

It was not a long time ago when the second album of the group Wienananda was released. It brings amazing songs and we can say it is the dignified successor of the first album. The new record is called „Pure Joy“ and it is indeed really joyful. We observed the new production of the group and we can say that the record is being very well received by the audience. That’s why we speak to one of the composers, Ronald Subkus, and ask a few questions.

Ronald, you have made the second album which is as excellent as the first one. Had you written the songs for it before you made the first album? 

Yes, Vlada, indeed we had already composed 2-3 of the songs from the new Album around the time we made ‚The Joy of Vienna‘. But they were very new at that time and not completely ready. Also the album was already quite long, so we decided to put these songs on a second CD. Such a song was for example Tad Niskala. I personally feel that  this was a very good decision as these songs have layed a perfect foundation for the  "Pure Joy" CD.

The style of the group is unique, it came to my mind that both records could be released as a double album. Have you had the same idea?

No actually we didn’t have this idea yet, but if our friends and listeners want a double CD we can certainly release one. Right now we are thinking about re-printing ‚The Joy of Vienna‘ as we have nearly no CDs left. So this would be definetely our priority. 

I love the names of the Deities that are set to music – there are a lot of them on the record. Is it the way the group is going?

One can’t say what will be coming next, but that is definetly the point where Wienananda is right now. We used words and deity names from the Sahaja Yoga Mantra book, and it feels really good. On one hand you can sing these nice songs and on the other hand you know and feel that you speak these powerful mantras. That is really great and a treatment for all of us. For sure we would like to make other songs based on mantras. But not only. Steadiness is good but an important point for a music group is also change and development. We have already some new songs that go into a direction which you have not heard from Wienananda so far. J

Do you feel a difference between both CDs "The Joy of Vienna" and "Pure Joy"?

Yes there is actually a difference if you compare both albums. Pure Joy is much better produced than "The Joy of Vienna". You can really feel how much work our new Guitarist Malte has put into the sound editing and mixing. Malte is not only our guitarist, but he is also a very talented sound engineer who together with Thomas achieved this great result. 

We would like to describe the album more to the listeners who have not had the chance to hear it yet. Could you please write something about each song?
Yes, sure.
The Blossom
The music of this song is based on a poem written by William Blake in 1789. It is part of his famous work:  'Songs of Innocence‘. The song has been composed shortly before the birth of my son. The basic single voice version was recorded and nearly forgotten until two other Wienanandas, David and Leela, asked and wanted to hear it. Then we spontaneously practiced it, just the three of us and we felt such joy and great vibrations. This was an amazing night. I still wonder that the neighbours didn’t say anything. We didn’t stop before 12. J 

Shri Maha Ganesha
The text has been taken from the SY mantra book and encompasses nearly the full ‚Mantras of the Back Agnya‘. These are the Mantras to destroy negativity. The basic version of this song has been written by me on a vibrational very challenging day. Imagine one of the worst days of your life.. J It was such a one. But after singing the tune to Shri Mataji immediate relief and joy came. It is one of our favorite songs as the mantras are so strong. For the recording we had the help of the amazing London Violoncello player Emily Mitchell.

Devi Namavali
This is a traditional Indian Shloka based on the names of Shri Durga. It has been found and recited by Madhawi. As she is Indian, the Shloka really sounds like sung in an Indian Temple.  We used it as the intro for Shri Durga Mata.

Shri Durga Mata
This is a song in praise of Shri Durga in Portuguese. The song was written by Maria Lourdes de Mello the mother of David, one of our Lead singers. It is really a beautiful and heartopening song. David played it solo  a couple of years ago and it was always clear that we have to learn and record it with the group.

Shri Radha Krisha
The lyrics are from a very famous sanskrit text which also Shri Mataji cited in her lectures. You can find it on page 159 of the Mantrabook. It says: "Weapons cannot cut the spirit.. whenever dharma declines I (Shri Krishna) will incarnate. It is really joyful but also serious to sing this song. It somehow has both sides to it. Madhuri and Samhara Shakti. Romain Mollard, the well known flute player from France, added the colourful mood of his instrument to this song.

Shri Adi Shakti
This composition is a homage to the Incarnation of Shri Mataji. It has been spontaneously written, just shortly before the recording, as the last song of the new album. It is such a joygiving and easy song, that it is such a joy to sing it. Compared to many of our other songs which have a lot of minor (dramatic, deep) chords, this song has only 3 major chords which makes it very light. The London based Austrian Yogini Sia Reddy played the beautiful violin for us, which really gave the song the final touch.

Shri Bhairava
This song is based on some of the names of Shri Bhairava. (St. Michael) Interestingly this song has been written by Michael our lead guitarrist. It has kind of a spanish, flamenco touch and is quite fast .Its really amazing to play this song. It has so much power and emotion.

Lla Llama de Miguel
The flame of St. Michael - This instrumental has been spontaneously made by David and Michael, our lead Guitarrists. It happened just two days before the recording session. It is like the second part of Shri Bhairava combining slow and fast parts. David and Michael are amazing together.. David giving such strong rythm in which Michi can just dance with the melody.. I thought the instrumentals from the first CD were amazing, but this one is maybe even a bit better.

Tad Niskala
An melody was in the beginning, but until the song was ready it took three years.. From time to time new parts were tried and added until finally we felt it was ready. Maybe it took so long, because its not so easy to become fully the spirit.J The sanskrit text is written by the ancient saint Adi Shankaracharya. It says: I'm neither the mind, the body, ego nor thought.. I AM SHIVA. It is a song which has three different musical parts and its challenging to play it. But we always loved it. It was supposed to be already  on our first CD but it didn’t feel ready that time. 

How Wienananda introduces themselves to the public? Do you have concerts often? Where can we see you soon?

Wienananda is playing concerts regularly though not very often. Our last two performances were in  February and April in Vac, Hungary and Vienna and in June 16th we played a concert in Brno.


Guwahati Venkat said...

Dear team !

Jai Shri Mataji !. Being an Indian, it is amazing for me to read your story. How deep you all are and are connecting the world so beautifully.
Please continue the creations and also bless us for our ascent .

With lot of love.

Anonymous said...

just love it and really kundalini rises and loves it ....