Thursday, May 23, 2013

Reprint of the 1st Wienananda CD

Dear Brothers & Sisters,
Many Sahaja Yogis have asked about the availability of 'The Joy of Vienna', the first Wienananda album. As it has been sold out for quite a while we would like to reprint it and have it available for you this summer.
We would like to involve many people in the funding of this reprint project. 
Therefore we heartily ask everybody, who feels like, to support us:
  • sharing this campaign in facebook and google+
  • send this campaign to your local and national email lists 
  • speak about it to your friends and family
  • use the indiegogo tools
  • buy a perk for you and your friends
  • organise a collective order

Take a moment and look at the campaign on Indiegogo. Share it with your friends. All tools can be found on the campaign site. Getperks, bar a contribution, or simply follow updates. If enough of us stand behind the campaign "Reprint of the 1st Wienananda CD", we make it possible!


Thank you for your support!

Lots of Love,

The Wienanandas

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