Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Santa Cecilie - Support us to finish our NEW album

The world needs more music that speaks through the heart.
 Santa Cecilie is recording their second album 'Kingdom of Love'. 

Dear friends and family!
This is is Cecilie and Ketil calling!
We are the funding members of the project 'Santa Cecilie'. The aim behind our new album‘THE KINGDOM OF LOVE' is to bring something positive to the world. There is so much attention on everything that is difficult. But by looking beyond our differences we discover the only thing that can connect us is: 'LOVE'.

'If we want change we have to become the change'

Music has a stronger influence in our life than we know. When we perform we experience that something happens to us and the audience. It is not just about the beauty of a melody or a lyric. But something deeper. There is a communication of unspoken love between us. We feel it is the heart speaking. On this album we recreate the atmosphere from those songs and moments - that touched us and the audience - and blend it with exceptional musicianship by musicians from multiple nations and musical environments.

We just want to ask you to give a bandhan for our project. That all the obstacles with the album “The kingdom of love” will be removed and that it will be successfully in reaching the public. One of the reasons why we started the funding campaign was that we didn’t want the record company to own the whole master of the album. Because that means that they can do whatever they want with it including not releasing it and it has already been two years of delays now. 

Jai Shri Mataji!
with Love and gratitude, 
Ketil and Cecilie

Link to support: http://www.indiegogo.com/projects/santa-cecilie-support-us-to-finish-our-new-album

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