Tuesday, June 28, 2016

New album of "One Tree" - support

Dear Yogis,

Many of you may remember the Austrian sahaj band "Wienananda". The band has transformed itself into ONE TREE which creates and perfoms melodious songs of all spiritual traditions in oder to show the unity and beauty of all of them, just as our Mother told us that they are "all branches on the same tree of Spirituality".

The music of ONE TREE is so special, that even without knowing the texts you would sing to it!
It can be perfectly used for all sahaj public projects/programms, because it is shows both the diversity and oneness, the songs reach out to people of all religions. It is a true treasure of Sahaj Music!
The ONE TREE Band has released their first album "The Golden String" some time back and now they are working on the second one.

Please support the release of the new "The Inner Kingdom" CD of this amazing yogi-band and help to spread the vibrations of joy!

Here is the link to the Crowdfunding champagne and some beautiful ONE TREE songs: https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/releasing-the-inner-kingdom--2#/

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