Thursday, May 1, 2008

About music


Shri Mataji says:

Indian music comes from complete Divinity (871218), and is elevating to all - the effect in Sahaja Yoga is tremendous. If a Sahaja Yogi sings, it acts like a mantra on the being of the Holy Mother (830131); Has come out of God's love for us... in India, is based on AUM, and is scientific. Music is meant to be in praise of God (830202); I can communicate to you, better through music. I'm working on you all the time (880105)Indian music is understood by westerners at the spiritual level, not intellectually (830202); Never before, western people have enjoyed music in this manner, as you have enjoyed... this Indian music will unite the whole world one day... if we keep to the pure knowledge of Indian music (880107);

We have to have music, because music is so wonderful - we have to please the Deities, and when there is music and songs, then they respond and the vibrations from the Mother are much more (791118)

Music has a way of carrying these Divine Vibrations on it... but the music has to be Divine also. The music which is erotic... or something very base,., or related to something very ugly, doesn't work out... but if it is a proper music, of a proper type, then it communicates... but that discretion only comes after Realisation. In India, classical music is very very deep... it is a very difficult thing... and is played spontaneously... and is a very difficult thing even to understand, and to appreciate... but when these people get Realisation... they enjoy it so much... just automatically. So what you enjoy there is the vibrations... you feel the cool vibrations... and you start enjoying it... they soothe you down. Music which is congenial, carries the waves of vibrations (890617.2) You have to love everyone... try to make everyone happy... that's why I like music, because through music you can spread vibrations... is a very good media of spreading vibrations, of loving vibrations... but those who are musicians have to be loving people... not hot-tempered, not showing off, not thinking too much of themselves (971225)

Music And Sahaja Yoga Arun Apte

There is a very good book, that Arun Apte has written, that you all should buy... so you'!! understand about Indian music. All those musicians, who were singing western song... was alright... but what was missing in that... was melody... it's not melodious... like, little bit you sing... then you shout... then you bring it down... then... they think that they have to sing through their heart... express their feeling of their heart... artificially they want to produce that effect... there is no need. To sing in parts... there's no melody in it... there's no flow in it. Russian songs, though they are folk songs, they're very melodious... but don't worry, Americans are invading that part also... they are having all this horrible music there (971004)

Now the music means it should please you... it should give you more entertainment... not to make you unhappy or sad... if you have ail these feelings, then you should try to say 'yes there is a problem, but I'll get over it'... because you are a Sahaja Yogi... you have to show the victory... the victorious nature of yours, in your music. Even the orchestras... they go kya kya kya... but Indian orchestras are melodious... so the difference is very great (971004) So I would request all the musicians, who are singing... words must be clear cut, and the melody must be there. Now in Indian Ragas, there is melody, but words are not important... so you enjoy the tune and everything... whether you know the language or not doesn't matter. So when you can combine melody with western music, you'll see how different it will be. And this book will teach you... this is a very good book which you should have... and which you should understand that how music can cure you. I'm sure, if Indian musicians take to western music, it will be much better than western music as it is (971004)

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