Saturday, May 3, 2008

Vitr do dlane - Part.1

About us:

The Czech SY music band Vitr do dlane (Wind in Hands) was established eight years ago. The love to the music, to India, its melodies and rhythms and most of all the love to Sahaja Yoga was what brought us together and what we wanted to transmit in this way to the audience. On our public programs we try to bring nearer the “Indian traditional song” (in Marathi, Sanskrit and Hindi languages), which plays an important role in the Indian culture and which roots stretch deep back.In this way we speak to the seekers, like many other bands in another countries, where SY already is wide-spread and we show them the way of the spiritual awakening. When at the concert gathers enough perceptive audience, then we usually make a short meditation, which mostly completely changes the whole atmosphere in the hall. The audience receives their first experience with the cool breeze, chakras, self-realisation…

New CD Bhar De Dzholi

The beginnings:

A little about the history of our band. In the beginning we were around 15 of us. The band had an international constitution: French tabla-player living in Prague, original Indian, drumming on Indian drum dolak, who liked to correct our pronunciation, a singer-girl from Mongolia… We were twelve of us recording our first CD “Vishwa Vandita” (Mother of the Universe) in one cellar-mini-studio, where we barely fit in. The members were constantly changing, people were coming and going, moving to the different corners of the World. Sometimes happened, that we were only four on the stage, but it didn’t discourage our audience, neither us. We used to play at the festivals, in tea-houses, in the concert halls, but also on the terraces for the tourists or on the streets for by-passers. The joy and energy emitting out of our songs was balancing our interpretation imperfection. Today we have hundreds of concerts in Czech Republic behind us. We played also in Slovakia, Italy, but as well in the women prison See Part.2

When our solo-singer returned from India from her singing studies, a turning point occurred in our approach. From the moment, we heard her singing after long time again, something changed in the band. Somehow a subtlety of singing entered the group and the desire to understand and learn to work with our own voices. We bowed in front of the greatness and rich scale of the expressional possibilities of Indian rag, soothing the body and soul, and found out, how great is the blessing to be not only the listener, but the interpret as well. We discovered, how blissful it can be to form our own voice and how singing can awaken the dignity and joy by recognising, that one can create a beauty without any other tool. We also discovered, that the voice is the most powerful tool, that it purifies the organism and is a medicine of unbelievable power. A miracle happened, when the only professional musician, the absolvent of the “Jezek Conservatory” in Prague, the flute-player Honza joined the band. He wanted to learn something about Yoga and so we integrated the flute in our band, what we also very much desired.

About the band:

The musical instrumentation of the band is formed out of guitar, flute, the African jambe exchanged the Indian dolak, and different smaller percussions. Even the lovers of the Indian classical music could very much enjoy during the last year, because there was at least a short piece of rag at each concert, performed by our solo-singer accompanied by the flute, and so it tuned our audience on the meditative wave up…

The members of the band are:

Marta Heinlova vocals

Radka Zubickova vocals, xylophone

Lenka Adamova vocals, surmandal

Pavel Malena guitar, sitar, vocals

Jan Kyncl flute, grumle, vocals

Ondra Klic percussions, vocals

And how does the audience like the music and what experiences have the members of the band? We take the liberty to offer you few articles, which describe the atmosphere of the concerts of Wind in Hands…

LINKS: Vitr do dlane – Photos, Vitr do dlane – YouTube - First, Second, Third

Contact: [email protected]


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