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Vitr do dlane Part.2 - Their experiences

In November 2003 Natalie came up with an idea to organize a concert of Czech SY’s music band “Wind in Hands”. She was inspired by the experience of SY from Holand with their programs in Prison PI Vught, which were appearing on internet at that time. There were also 2 men coming regularly for almost one year for programs in Opava who were working in the prison. So we have started putting our attention on this environment. This Idea was supported by collective desire to bring vibrations to places where concentration of immoral qualities is
substantially high. It took half a year to implement our desire. Meanwhile we were preparing our “field” by shoe beating, paper burning, vibrating the surrounding of prison with salt etc. At the same time the attention on this project has subsequently spread from 2 yogini and 1 yogi to 4 and through Opava collective to national collective. Without collective attention the preparation, running and result would not be as it was: smooth, without hitches and disinformation!As coincidence one yogini Svatava had came across the prison director’s wife who came in to Svatava’s beauty parlour studio as a client. The wife of the director of one of the heaviest prisons left the studio satisfied and with her self realisation. We can say that Paramchaitania was working from all directions. With organisation of concert itself, we only needed to choose and agree on date. One yogi from Opava who is working in the prison got permission from the director with words: “I thought you are normal.” J Then we only needed to choose the suitable date and agree with the musical band on details. In this case we were really acting only as instruments of Paramchaitania, which was having the organising fully in its hands. There was very strong perception remaining in me when I was working on this project, that the essential base for any collective project are 2 things: absence of ego to be able to perceive the intuitive knowledge and the use of vibratory techniques. Only then we are able to use correctly the qualities of our right side for organising, mutual communication and cooperation.With the wish of pure attention


Down – articles that were published in Czech sy newspaper “Noviny z raje” (News From Paradise) Concert in prison 5.6.2004

Promises should be fulfilled was gently reminded to me by early Monday call from Ludek as dead line for the News is at noon and who will send the promised article about the project in prison. So on Saturday there were two things happening simultaneously in Opava at the same hour. While our “Wind in Hands” have decided to make good draught to the heaviest women prison in the country, there was a football match that gave excuse to its so called fans “hooligans” to brink everything down that come in their hands in Opava. Because the match was announced earlier, the result was half empty town with police helicopter above our heads and hit police units in the streets and also police on horses. On contrary 6 members of the musical group and me and Lenka were in the security of prison walls at the same time. What was going on in the Stadium we came to know from the TV news. And what was going on in the prison must be known by all Deities. After going through very strict security check up, surrendering all the guns (instruments and vibrations were remaining with us) and mobiles, behind 10 security locks, at the place of former chapel, were our musicians playing vibratory whirlwind for 50 sentenced women. From the total number 200 were chosen only 50 even though the interest from the side of women was much higher. And really the vibrations were almost touchable through the voices of Wind in Hands, their instruments and collective pure attention. It’s possible that the vibration were more obvious because of the contrast of the environment and atmosphere. Women were reacting without restraints, prejudice and were doing selfrealisation exercise with great joy and telling each other their impressions.At the end of the program the group were playing song “Good Bye” and after adding songs we were giving them leaflets about Sahaja Yoga. And if the situation is developing in a positive way and mainly the leadership of the prison is agreeing we can see each other for meditation, singing and finding way to each other lets say once a month. They were fantastic audience and very nice experience for us. What type? This we might come to know from some other visitors of prison.For me personally, the day after was really the day of resting and clearance at the same time. From physical point of view my body was not like mine. Left foot started aching out of nothing in such a way that I was limping on the way to the office today and my right shoulder was also showing some signs and to my flicking of the right eyelid I was only laughing. But otherwise I was withstanding in good health. I have gained very valuable experience from understanding, that in the darkest place is the light most visible. Our thanks belongs not only to the group of musicians, but also to a yogi from Opava who works in the prison and organised for us this opportunity to be the instruments of paramchaitanya in vibrationally so heavy environment. And again I have to admit, that the worst were only our hidden fears and often unnecessary worries that something somewhere will not be able to be done. Thanks for the blessing to present and participating.

Jai Shri Mataji


In prison in Opava

Above the city were flying helicopters and from distance we could here the siren of police cars. Lenka explained to us that there is a football match and the police was patrolling crowds of fans. Even though I was not calm enough, we were approaching the gate of the Opava prison, the hardest prison for women in the Czech Republic. As it seems, I was the only one who was out of centre of blissful attention, other members of Wind in to hands remained calm and fully surrendered. The first 4 went in. The guard has locked the door in front of us. We had to wait outside. More than four people could not go inside in one go. We could see through window that they were surrendering their personal documents and mobiles, keys from pockets and watches. Then they went through detector of iron and our luggage was X-rayed. Gradually we all found ourselves behind a heavy steel gate and a high wall surrounded by barbed wire. We were climbing the stairs up to the 4th floor with police escort. Our first meeting with the involuntary dwellers of this tightly guarded fort has occurred when we came out from the stair’s shaft to a wide corridor with windows on one side and cells on the other. We were not in the department of the heaviest cases so the cells were opened and the dwellers were freely rooming in the corridor. We were immediately attracting their attention. The security guards brought us to a specious room were the concert was supposed to take place. We chose a little place in the corner and they even gave us mattresses to sit down. Few women came who put chairs in to the raw. The hall was slowly getting full. The preceptor had introduced us and explained that our name is not wind it to the pocket as they thought at first but wind in to hands. And we could start. It was puzzled, nobody knew what to expect, they from us and we from them. How to say that we are happy they came for concert when they have nowhere to come…..they are here and nothing else is left….The first song was Ganesha Ganesha…Before we started to play it could have been heart from the crowd: “And what is it about…?”Ondra started talking and explained who Ganesha is.Atmosphere was amazing after the first song….The eyes of women started shining like stars on early evening sky, joy and spontaneity started to come. It is a dream of all musicians to have audience with such an opened heart…. Almost all felt vibrations during meditation led by Ondra, some ladies were enthusiastically describing the column of energy rising from their heads… We knew that Shri Mataji is having her attention on this concert.Admiring sigh was heard form the audience during Lenka’s singing. When Marta disclosed about her, that she was studying singing in India and that she sings ragas, the audience were lighting up and they wanted to hear her. Lenka was defending with all her humbleness and so they started yell together “Lenka, Lenka, Lenka…” It was amazing…. We were collectively singing aum during tempura… and then Lenka was singing raga, all women were listening with attention and were meditating…. Ondra was then singing very nicely beginning for the song Vishva Vandita and ovation were not ending…There was a big interest for leaflets with picture of Shri Mataji and description of meditation so that one supervisor had to take care of them and distribute them one after another, otherwise the ladies would fight for them.When we came out from the gate of the prison, we were all exhausted and happy that we could give something to those who need it most…We knew that Shri Mataji was behind the high wall with us.


Remarks of one of the singers

Marek is wrong, (he does not know us so well yet), we were all having our vishuddhi little bit constricted and we were consoling each other with comments like, what adventure can one experience with Sahaja Yoga… Mooladhara was felt there strongly straight from the beginning… not surprise, all women, most of them for very long time…. When we set down I could look in to their faces, I was surprised how some of them were having very fine expressions, I would expect that I can meet them anywhere else but not in prison… It could have been observed, that it was a special occasion for them for which some of them put nice cloths and make-up. We were most taken by surprise by one lady in turquoise suit and white blouse and while shoes, having hairstyle and very neat. She was looking in this environment really grotesquely, so we were thinking what is she doing there and who is she... I was also surprised that most of them were young… It was taking me by surprise little bit, and with tight throat I was talking to myself, girls, what have you done that you are here..? And I was having little shiver when realising, that the boarder which is sometimes separating us from committing something wrong, can be unbelievably thin, it can be only moment and one is “in it”, for example with drugs, for which, one girl who confided to Ondra, was sentenced for example for 5 years….( we came to know that out or 200 only 50 – lighter cases – had permission to come for our concert.) It was afternoon of Lenka- she was bringing them for perceiving the vibrations with amazing lightness, was talking to them very naturally and easily as she is used to similar situations every day. Then something unbelievable had happened – she managed all the audience to sit with palms up on their knees even before realisation exercise. The young ones were sitting on the ground with crossed legs and with closed eyes. And believe it or not, when I heard all the prisoners to sing the mantra OM so beautifully like one (it is something that we did not manage with any audience till now!!!) and like this primordial heavenly tone sounds the room of the prison I felt like weeping and I was little worried that when my solo comes I will not be able to sing. But Shri Mataji is always mainly there where she is needed most, so we all managed it well. The vibrations have changed so amazingly. I had feeling that we only very seldom sing so nicely, uniformly and with full speed like in this strange environment. Perhaps it was caused even by our wish to give them as much light as possible… I would say they were our most grateful audience. It did not happened to us so far, that somebody will start clapping before the song is over… Imagine that some of them were able to feel Kundalini even before Ondra led them through realisation. Many of them were having questions like seekers usually have… It was observed that one still have many of prejudice that is taken care of one after another when working for Sahaja Yoga. The Sun looked out of clouds in whiles and moved over our sahasraras. I have not felt since long so much of full and absolute protection and Mother’s over pervading presence. I did not fell like leaving the amazing atmosphere… When we came out it was raining and it could have been clearly felt that during the concert many things were worked out. I am very grateful to Shri Mataji for this experience, for attention that she embraces us at the concerts. Without that we would be nothing. And also that I can sing with our group….


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