Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Dear all
We are pleased to inform you that we have added to the broadcast two new albums. Both of them are gifts from last pujas. The first one is "Songs of Devotion" from Romanian collectivity. There you will find bhajans from the band Sahaj Group and Sangeet Lahari. The second album is "Love From the Heart" - a collection of music from United Kingdom, which was a gift of just ended Navaratri puja.

Sahaj Group Sahasrara Mantras
Sahaj Group Allah Tero Naam
Sahaj Group Kai Bal Gayee
Sahaj Group Ma Tere
Sahaj Group Pyar Bhare
Sahaj Group Bhavani Dayani
Sahaj Group Hasat Ali Nirmal Ai
Sangeet Lahari Hai Mata Mahan Apni
Sangeet Lahari Tanu Ishk Da
Sangeet Lahari Nato Chalka Na Gate

Wavewalkers - Let Colour Is
Vimala - Drive
Vibration - The Passing Storm
The Cast - The Day Down
Celli Quartet - Pachelbel Canon
Ciaram McLaughlin - Still Life Supreme
The Cast - Piper And The Maker
Cell Quartet - Gardel Por Une cabeza
Deborah Eckman - The Time Is Now
Casabella - Casabella
Last Biscuit - Ensemble Moses
Fari Bradley - Shri Durga

We have also added new song of Russian sahaja yogi Vladimir Ugodin - it is called "Mother come".
On the You Tube website you can also find new home video of Jeremy Clancy - "I feel so sorry for the rich man". The video- clip you can see here.

We would like to thank to all listeners for increasing interest for your radio and keep listening !!!!

Sahajaradio team

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