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Sanjay Talwar - Singer of the Heart Part.2

You will remember about my left Vishuddhi, when She first met me. Right? Well this was what She did- She was sitting with about 40 Yogis meditating in front of Her, while i had just entered the big drawinbg room of Mrs Pardal form the opposite door, where I could see Shri Mataji directly face to ace. Her evey were closed, and there was complete silence. Then all of a sudden the candle lit on the opposite wall flickered very hard and then I heard a swishh kind of a sound coming from the left of the room. The moment i turen towards it, I saw a big ball of fire entering through the wall of the room, and it went circling around the room so very fat, that in a jiffy, and probably with a wink of the eye, it just made through the other side of the wall and disappeared. Its light was still lingering in the room, as I gazed towards this miraculous happening. That ver moment my eye met with mother’s eye, as She suddenly opened Her eyes and looked directly into my eyes. She then smiled at me and then shut Her eyes. None of the 40 yogis who sat in the room meditating, saw this miracle, as they sat unmoved, as if nothing had happened.I was simply shocked to learn that this experience was just mine, and mother had acknowledged it to me. I became very curious, but quitely went and sat amongst the other yogis.

Soon after, when Mother sat relaxed on Her chair, and yogis had gooten up and were moving around, I went and asked few of them, if they saw anything. No one acknowledged. Now, I could not contain myself, and i went straight to Shri Mataji. Before I could even utter a word to Her, She whisperingly told me by cupping her fingers around my ear, not tot panick, as it was „VishnuMaya“,then she emphasised, it was my Vishnu Maya, that I saw, having just finished with my clearance, and that i was now free from guilt. She told me that I could now freely express myself, and I need not fear anyone. She also said that i was very special and that I must respect myself. She told me that there was a lot of potential in me which could be tapped, and that She was working on it.

I quickly ran to another room, as if unable to contain my joy. I returned after a few moments, and sat at Mother’s feet again. I had brought a paper and a pen, and I was already writing a poem and was reading it aloud to Shri Mataji. Mother immediately closed Her eyes and began talking in prose. I quickly jotted down every word She spoke. It was actually filling up the words to my poem, and at the end of it, a beautiful song was born. She then asked me to sing it, which I did. She commented, saying „ it is a true happening in Sahaj yoga and that is how the transformation happens. You must sing it to all the new people..“

Later, we travelled in the plane from Jaipur to Mumbai.

In the plane, She started to talk with me about Sahaj yoga, and how it works in us. I had many questions which She answered. She would suddenly fall asleep while talking, and I would then start writing poems. She would wake up in the middle and enquire how much I had written. She would then go through the poem with me, and correct it.The miracle that would happen was, that when I would narrate the poems back to Her, I would actually sing them, as if the music was composed already. I cannot remember, how and when it got composed. She liked the compositions, and told me that the Ragas I selected were most appropriate to the subject matter of each poetry. Amazing!! I had not a clue about it till she actually told me.She said " You must first share it will all the yogis. They will simply love it, and then you take it to all the seekers of Truth."Only music will do the final trick".

When we reached Mumbai, Mother went to Pune in her car, while I followed in a train. I wrote a poem in the train. When I reached Shri Mataji's flat in Pune, she asked me "So did you write anything?". "Yes Mother" I said, and then she asked me to sing it to Her.

My God, there are so many more instances that speak about how I became a Sahaj Musician. All I can say that I am merely the flute through which the Adi Shaki blew her breath, and as She moved her fingers on my chakras. The music that was born was simply divine.There is actually poem where I have actually described how this flute works and simply plays Her tune of love. It is one more memorable moment when I wrote this poem and met mother to take Her approval. The most beautiful moments of my life were spent with Her at that moment.

It is a Moment I will never forget:
Now let me share with you.... Moments that granted me the magic of music from the Saraswati herslf. It was February of 1997, and we were doing puja to Shri Mataji at Mumbai. I remeber it was Shivratri puja. It went on till the wee hours of the morning.Shri Mataji finally left the Puja venue about 2 am. I was staying at Juhu with a Yogi, and we reached home around 2.30 am. I do not know what came over me, and I just started writing. I had barely finished composing the new poem that I felt this tremendous urge to go and meet Shri Mataji. It was around 3.30am. The yogi with whom I stayed, started to tell me about the protocol with Mother, and that the leaders will be very angry, if we went and disturbed Mother at that hour. I remember, my Yogi brother telling me that I should not go at that hour, as Mother had just finished a Puja, and must be resting. But I was very adament. I told him- "if we have to meet Mothet, then nothing can stop us.If you do not want to go, then I will go alone." And so I got up to go, he was so much taken by my determination, and so he said " well then we shall face it together- whatever happens".

We got into an autorickshaw and got off right in front of Mother's Juhu retreat (owend by Mr Rahul Bajaj- the great Industrialist of India). As we got off, what we saw was to our utmost amazement. The front door to the bungalow was wide open, and as we walked towards the beach house, I could see Shri Mataji from a distance. She was sitting at the head of a round dining table with all the world leaders sitting beside her, along with Yogi Mahajan. I could hear from the distance Mother exclaimimg " Come.. Come.., I had been waiting for you. I knew you would have written something. So, is it ready now? Would you like to sing it to all of us? I had just finished telling all these people about the amazing gift you have and here you are. How did you know we were discussing you?" And she laughed. Then She asked me to sit beside Her, and when She finished washing Her hands ( She had just finished having Her dinner),She asked me to drink the contents of Her finger bowl. I looked as if I was in some sort of a Heaven and God was telling me to drink nector. I picked up the bowl and drank it.

I remember all the leaders whispering " please leave some for us. All this while we have been waiting for this moment, and you just land up and start drinking it all by your self" They said it very jokingly, but Mother had heard them, and said, " See, He is writing this wonderful poetry, which has to go to the whole world, so he needs it more than you all' and She started laughing.She then told me to sing my new poem and composition. As I sang it, Shri mataji closed Her eyes, and I felt some sort of a great opening in my Vishuddhi. It is hard to describe, what I was going through, but my entire being was just lifted into ecstasy. Shri Mataji asked everyone there to check the cool vibrations and then commented. " I am going to now take him with me all over the world, you see. I will have him sing his songs to all the yogis and the seekers of truth." She asked the Foreign leaders to invite me to the Foreign Pujas and have me sing at all the functions. She told them that from now onwad She was going to start a Music group, that will travel with Her, as She would travel the whole world giving realisation to all the sekers. She asked me to get my passport ready and get ready to leave for abroad that summer itself.This declaration of mother, was indeed the birth of Nirmal Sangeet Sarita.
The song I had composed that day was " Teri Sason ki Jab Ek Ladi...." It was later recorded in my musical release "Roohani Roshani"

There were innumerable such instances when I would be with Mother and She would call upon me to sing my new compositions. It had become like the 'order of the day' for me.I had, by now, become quite addicted to writing new poems and the music compositions would just flow spontaneously. Mother then commented that it was my Swadisthan chakra that had opened and that pure knowledge was flowing through me.

She said "So now you know, that there is some power that is working in you, Actually you are not the doer, it is that power that is awakened in you, that is doing all this through you. You are merely an instrument, surrendered to this power. And I have authorised it to happen, so you do not worry about making mistakes, as none will happen. This power is absolutely pure, and it is flowing for the benovalence of mankind at large. So never stop its flow. Just keep writing, and now you must records it all and make it available for all the Sahaj Yogis to buy. It will be a collection worth having for anyone, because it has the vibrations. It is eternal music of love.
She would bless me again and again, and whenever there would be yogis around, She would specially call me and ask me " can you please sing that particular song you made the other day"...

The best compliment Shri Mataji ever paid to me was, when She named me "Roshan“- the enlightened one. She once told me that I had the complete knowledge of Sahaj Yoga, and that she was very happy that I would be able to now write, compose and sing Her message to the whole world.I am still trying to understand what She really meant by that. I do know for sure,that if God is to be seen on earth today, IT IS PARAM PUJYANIYA HER HOLINESS SHRI MATAJI NIRMALA DEVI.

VH: You were a member of the music group Nirmal Sangeet Sarita. You played at a lot of pujas before our Mother. Now Nirmal Sangeet Sarita often perform at Guru pujas in Cabella. How do you remember these concerts? Could you share a story from the concert?

Before Nirmal Sangeet Sarita was put together, I had three RECORDED ALBUMS READY.

Mother had asked Baba Mama to get in touch with me and listen to my compositions. Baba Mama approached me and told me that Mother had spoken to her and that She said that my songs had a lot of vibrations, so I told Her that "Yes, Mother, he is still untrained and therefore his voice quivers." I tried to explain to Baba Mama that Mother was referring to the flow of Chaitanya, and was not complaining about my voice vibrating. We both had a big argument, and then he said to me " Listen, She has asked me to become the Master of Ceremonies and to gather musicians to play for you, so that you can perform your songs to the whole world. So now, I am going to be your boss, and I will guide you when and how to sing.Thus began the first journey of the Nirmal Sangeet Sarita in 1987-88.

As I see more questions below, I will try to provide you with more direct answers. I guess the details you can probaly read in my forthcoming Book.
Yes, I am planning to write a book titled “Jewels of Joy“, where the Jewel are two types:
1)The priceless moments I spent with Shri Mataji &
2)Those that She created out of Her love - The Sahaj Yogis.

to be continue ....


Unknown said...

It gives so much joy et vibrations to read about Sanjay Talwar's experience with Shri Mataji!
Is the book he was about to write,is now available ?
We enjoy listening all his bhajans,it fullfils us with vibrations!
As we do not speak Hindi, we would like to know if we could find a paper compilation of all his bhajans with english translation ? (in sahaja yoga song books there ara very few)
thank you so much for your answer
Marie from France (Montpellier)

sanjay said...

Dear Marie,
I just read your comment. Though this answer is coming ot you after 2 years, but be certain that both the book and the english versions of all the lyrics with meaning will reach you soon. Please write to me at [email protected], and let us continue ot stay in touch.
Jai Shri Mataji
Sanjay Roshan Talwar