Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Soul of Nepal - new album on radio

Dear all
we added nice album "Soul of Nepal" by Sy collective of Nepal.
Enjoy and keep listening!

Aama Timro
Nirmal Aama
Timi Mata Pia
Hanuman Chalisa


Cafe Vienna said...

hi my name is david, I am a Sahaja Yogi from Austria and search some contact email to yogis from nepal.

Please if you have an email from Nepalese Yogi send it to this adress:
[email protected]


Unknown said...

hi! i am bibhusha.i am actually from Nepal but i hve been staying in Gurgaon,India since 1 n half yrs.I have become a part of Sahaj Yoga since 1 yr.I love sahaj yoga ..Jay Shri Mataji!

Neha.Kaknani said...

Hi, this is Neha from Maharashtra , India. I would like to know how can I listen to these nepali bhajans on sahaja yoga radio.Please let me know. My e-mail is [email protected]

Unknown said...

read lord hanumans hanuman chalisa daily